Nitroed, what does it mean? The short answer, Nitroed refers to  “Redneck Engineering” at its best.

How did we come up with this? I am one of those “Redneck Engineers”,  who is always coming up with some screwball way of fixing something, or making something work. My boss told me one day that my ideas  reminded him of the character “Nitro” from the movie “Down Periscope”.  Nitro was the electrician on a submarine, that had a few issues with electricity, but he was always able to get the radio working when the Captain needed it. Usually by licking his fingers and grabbing wires, using his body to complete the circuit. Well, from that point on, my new nickname was Nitro,  and every time I “Redneck Engineered” something, we said that I “Nitroed it.”

This site is going to be a collection of the best Nitro jobs that I have done.


Happy Nitroing




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